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If you are new to Skypesex (known on Niteflirt as “Phone with Cam“) you are in for an awesome experience. This is not the same phonesex you may have heard of or tried before. It is live and interactive. And now, instead of imaging my perfect, round ass, my creamy white skin, my unstoppable curves, you can see it all. It truly is an awesome experience you are going to enjoy.

While Niteflirt has no requirement that pictures be current, accurate, or even of the flirt herself, you can be assured all my photos are of me. They are all current. If anything, I have heard that I am even hotter on cam than in my video and in my pics.

Never had Skypesex before? Check out my article on how to get the best skypesex experience. If you are a seasoned pro and wondering what to expect on a call with me, KLttyKat, then let me tell you.

What to Expect through Skypesex Skypeshow with KLttyKat on NiteFlirtWhat Can I expect on a Skypesex Call with KLttyKat?

Let’s get something out of the way first—I don’t sub. I am not submissive. I love femdom, fetish, and the darker things. I do, however, from time to time, enjoy softer more “vanilla” calls. Vanilla, meaning more of a GFE type call, mutual masturbation, dirty talk, things of that nature.

I provide a truly intimate and interactive skypesex experience with all of my clients. While it isn’t a requirement, I do prefer it when you are on cam. This makes everything more real, more intimate, and we can react off of each other. It makes the time together much more enjoyable-in my experience.

If I am taking calls on NiteFlirt, you can expect that I am dressed in sexy lingerie and ready for your call. That means my Skype is already online and I do not draw out the connection process. I have fiber optic internet so that means I rarely have issues with my internet speed or connection. You can expect a crystal clear connection through Skype (on my end at least).

Want to know more about the specific services I provide? Check out my NiteFlirt listings and this website.

Communicate Your Expectations

I am incrediby good at reading people. It is scary how good I am. Even with my amazing abilites, I cannot possibly know what a client I have never interacted with wants, expects, and desires. Even a client who has been with me a long time may want to change things up sometimes. All you have to do is tell me.

Wanting to call right away? Then the best way to reach me is through NiteFlirts’s new chat program. I get instantly notified of your messages, so I respond quicker. If you have a detailed request, chat is the best option as well, so we can message each other quickly.

A Special Word on Wardrobe Requests

Want to know what I am wearing that day?

  • You can subscribe to my “Daily Tease” list. 5-7 days a week I send out a candid selfie or two of me to your Niteflirt mail. No filter, no editing, just me.
  • I usually post a selfie or two on my twitter account most days of the week.

Please do not ask for free pics, it is disrespectful-I have a low tolerance for disrespect.

I do have an incredible collection of lingerie, garters, shoes, boots, nylons, gym attire, yoga pants…more than you can possibly imagine. And I do love to dress up for you, if you wanted to see me in something specific. Have a wardrobe request? This is how we can go about it:

  • Message me on Niteflirt, NOT Skype, with your request.KLttyKat in Latex Corset Femdom Fetish Taboo
  • If you want me to change before our call, I will send a Pay-to-View for a small tribute for the wardrobe change.
    • Some requests, such as latex, are difficult. Because of how much time it takes to get into e.g. a latex corset, gloves, pants, the tribute amount will be slightly higher.
  • If you don’t mind me changing in the call, there is no charge. I respect your time so I do not drag out the process. For difficult wardrobe changes, I do recommend a tribute prior to the call. It can take me 15 minutes or more to get in my latex.

Rules and Boundaries

While I enjoy a lot of the darker and kinky things, I do have some rules and boundaries that I expext all clients to respect. I don’t tolerate when clients knowingly violate my boundaries. I don’t give many (if any) warnings either.

  • I don’t sub. I am not a submissive.
  • Do not call me any deragotory names. I will hang up and block immediately.
  • Don’t EVER shoot up in front of me. EVER. I will hang up and block your ass so fast.
  • Blackmail is ONLY as a roleplay and NEVER real want to know why? This mistress was arrested for blackmailing a Michigan man. Soft dicks forget what hard dicks promised.

Technical Stuff

  • Logitech HD ProWebcam C920 (Widescreen)
  • Fiber Optic High Speed Cable
  • Professional Lighting
  • Professional Audio

Now, go check out my Niteflirt Listings and give me a call. You won’t regret it.


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