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Wanting to know what to expect on a hypnosis call with KLttyKat? Keep Reading.

What to Expect on Hypnosis Calls with KLttyKat

Before the Hypnosis Session Begins

As we introduce ourselves, I am going to ask some preliminary questions. A consultation of sorts. This is similar, though very briefened from what you would experience in a therapist’s office. This will help me to understand your goals for hypnosis, your experience, and what might work best for you. This is essential for a good hypnosis session. I absolutely will not start a session with out completing this crucial step.

If you want, we can handle this brief consultation in NiteFlirt’s Chat Feature. This will allow us to have the consultation prior to the call. As to whether we handle this first step in our call or in chat, the choice is yours.

Getting Situated for the Call

I will ask that you be in a comfortable environment. Try to be in a place that is free from distraction. Preferably in a bed or a chair/couch that you can lean back comfortably in. It is my preference that you be laying down if at all possible. This will allow you to relax more than if you were sitting up.

Hypnotic Induction

My inductions typically last 15-20 minutes. I will not shorten this step. This is what allows you to relax and open up your mind. Anyone who says that they can hypnotize you in 5 minutes is full of shit. That can’t happen.

My induction style is a very smooth cadence with a focus on relaxation and breathing. I will typically use the same induction with you (with some minor modifications) as we go along with our sessions. The reason for this is simple. The more you hear it, an almost Pavlovian response happens. It makes the induction more powerful. And you will relax deeper, and quicker each time we have a session.

I have had quite a few clients fall asleep during this phase of they hypnosis session. That is how powerful the induction can be, when YOU let it be. That’s right, a lot of how effective the hypnosis is depends on you. And if you do fall asleep, it is hepful for me to know how you want to proceed. Do I hang up or do I keep going? Either is fine with me. There are those that believe that in a deeply relaxed state such as sleep, our mind is even more opened up to the power of suggestion.

Mid Hypnosis Session

This is similiar to being in a therapeutic setting where would focus on behavior modification (e.g. smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety). You are more suceptible to suggestion at this stage. This is where we focus on your hypnosis goals.

We cannot get to the point that your are suceptible to suggestion with out first going through the induction.  This is why the induction phase is so important. The more deeply relaxed you are, the more powerful the suggestions will be. This is the reason I use a longer induction.

How long this part of the session is depends a bit on you too. If we are practicing erotic hypnosis, and you are attempting to achieve orgasm, that may bring you out of the deep hypnotic state. From there, depending on the goals that you have defined, I can place you back in a state of relaxation or I can bring you fully out of the hypnotic state.

Conclusion of the Hypnosis Session

This stage is fairly short. It is where I bring you out of the hypnotic state. And you may find that you are a bit drowsy and relaxed still. That is perfectly natural and okay. Others find that they are refreshed.

Boundaries for Hypnosis Calls

  1. I do NOT do Findom. I believe it is unethical to ask someone to send tributes or gifts while they are open to the power of suggestion.
  2. While evidence of the success of post hypnotic triggers is lacking (there are no peer reviewed studies that support the success of post hypnotic triggers), I will not even entertain the idea of planting post-hypnotic triggers for illegal activity. Or to do something that would harm you or another person. Don’t ask me to do it.
  3. I do not do blackmail or exposure. Period. Don’t even ask me to do it.

Samples of my Hypnosis Inductions

Don’t listen while operating heavy machinery!

Deep Relaxation Induction

Fractional Relaxation Induction