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How to get best Skypesex on Niteflirt
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Skypesex (Phone with Cam) on Niteflirt is a bit different than you might have experienced elsewhere. In order for you to get the best skypesex experience, follow this guide.

Adding me on Skype

Niteflirt has very strict rules that we are not to give out our Skype ID’s. I abide by these rules.

  • If you prefer to not get my Skype ID before our call, you can call me and I will giveyou my ID then.
  • I do recommend getting my skype ID before our call. When you add us Flirts during the call, it can take valuable time from the call, lead to frustration and no one wants an uncomfortable start to a call.
    • You might mishear us or misspell our ID’s–then you aren’t adding the correct Skype account.
    • When you send a contact request through Skype, it sometimes takes a few minutes for that request to go through–taking valuable time from the call..

Communicate Your Expectations

I am incrediby good at reading people. It is scary how good I am. Even with my amazing abilites, I cannot possibly know what a client I have never interacted with wants, expects, and desires. Even a client who has been with me a long time may want to change things up sometimes. All you have to do is tell me.

Wanting to call right away? Then the best way to reach me is through NiteFlirts’s new chat program. I get instantly notified of your messages, so I respond quicker. If you have a detailed request, chat is the best option as well, so we can message each other quickly.

Making the Call

Calling KLttyKat on NiteFlirt for Phone with Cam (Skypesex)With Niteflirt, you are required to use a phone for your call. You simply hit the “call now” button and Niteflirt will connect us on the phone.

  • You can use Skype on a computer or mobile device. However, if you use Skype on a mobile device such as a cell phone, you must use another phone line to make the call. You cannot use Skype on your cellphone at the same time you are using your it for a call.
  • If you have already added me on Skype, I always appreciate a quick message saying that you are about to call.
  • Once we are connected through Niteflirt on the phone, I will call you on Skype.
    • Many of us Flirts/camgirls have plugins installed that automatically reject calls on Skype. So let us make the call on Skype.
    • Please do NOT call us on Skype UNTIL we are connected through Niteflirt.
  • While it isn’t required that you turn on your cam, I always prefer it. In my experience, this has led to much more enjoyable Skype experiences. When I can see you, I can react off of you–leading to a much more interactive experience. So, don’t be shy, turn on that cam!

An Important note on Audio during Phone with Cam Calls

When doing a Phone with Cam (skypesex) call, I will always ask if you want audio Audio During Phone with Cam (skypesex) calls on Niteflirtthrough skype or the phone.

  • If you want to speak through the phone, please mute audio on Skype and I will do the same. You can mute the audio on skype by scrolling across the video screen. you will see a button with a mircrophone. Click on that to turn it off.
    • If you want to use your phone for audio, use headphones with a microphone if available. This allows the sound to be clearer for both of us. And added bonus, hands free!
  • If you want to use Skype for audio, turn your phone on speaker AND mute it. Turning it on speaker will allow you to hear the one minute warning.
  • We need to mute either or phones or Skype. Because, if we don’t there is a terrible echo

SkypeSex on a Mobile Device

If you are going to use your mobile device to make the Skype call, follow these tips to get the most out of your Skype Experience:

  • Turn off other applications that may compromise your data and speed. Skype uses a lot of power and data on your phone, and running other applications may cause the call to lag.
  • If you are able to connect to WI-FI, do so. Sometimes, if you run skype on data, calls are dropped, the video quality is subpar, and you will use a LOT of data (important if you have a limited data plan).
  • Ensure that your battery is charged, especially for shows that are longer.
  • Have earphones with a microphone if available. This will help both you (the client) and me communicate better. Skype sessions are so much better if we can hear each other. Even if you have Skype on speaker, it can be very difficult to hear with the background noise.
    • And, if you have a wife, girlfriend, or room mate around, you really want to be able to hear us and talk with us, don’t you?
  • Check to see that your phone is set to auto rotate. Here’s why: I, like most camgirls, have a widescreen webcam. If you have your phone rotated vertically (like it is when you have it to your ear) you may not be able to see the whole cam area. And that makes us look so tiny. So do yourself a favor, rotate your phone horizontally. it will show us us on widescreen and we will look bigger.

So now that you have some basic guidelines for Skypecalls (Phone with Cam), go ahead, call me! Let’s have some fun.

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